Stanley Donwood


Hello. I go by the name of Stanley Donwood, and this here is my website. It’s existed in various forms since some time in the late 1990s, and this latest incarnation is my attempt to appear rather more ‘up-to-date’ and ‘with it’ than I actually am.

Most of the material on earlier versions of the site are accessible through the archive, but do please excuse any dead links, irrelevencies, old news, slander or libel, boasting, and most particularly any promises to do things which I never fulfilled.

For a long time being asked the question “What do you do?” resulted in a sort of mumbling and staring, before a stuttering response which didn’t make either my interlocutor or myself any wiser. But more recently I’ve been putting on exhibitions and having books published, which along with my longstanding association with a well-known rock band has given me a slightly increased level of confidence. So nowadays I can say, with what I hope is calmness, that I’m an artist and a writer. Although you are, of course, free to decide about that yourself.