The Panic Office


The Panic Office, my latest over-ambitious project, was at Carriageworks in Redfern, Sydney, Australia and it’s over now. Over. Gone. It’s been dismantled entirely, and no longer exists.

About three months ago I had great plans for this blog post, but time passed in its usual fashion, events conspired in their usual maddening way, and everything just got too difficult. I am actually genuinely sorry about my lack of ‘up-dates’ on this, the relatively new and technologically accomplished incarnation of what I used to call ‘My Stupid Blog’. In some ways the whole web-log medium feels a bit old-fashioned, as if I’m using a dip-pen (which I have done) or scratching a text on to vellum (which I’ve also done). It’s much easier to flip a load of photos onto instagram or type something obscure onto twitter. So that’s what I’ve been doing – I mean, for the whole time I was in Sydney, putting The Panic Office together, pretty much my only engagement with the online community was instagram and twitter. A bit sad, really. But to be honest, the last thing I felt like doing after a day in a giant warehouse was repeating the experience through the medium of a blog. Yeah, so, sorry about that. The truth is that as soon as I’ve done something I lose a whole chunk of interest in it (even if it was all-consuming in my mind whilst it was going on). Coupled with the fact that I’m a terrible photographer, my record of spending three weeks building a colossal punk Iron Age stockaded fortress in a massive warehouse in Sydney is pathetic.

I did about a million interviews whilst I was there, talking as usefully as I could (ie., not very) so there are things about the show and my idiocy to be found on the internet if you can be bothered to look. I can’t.


1st September 2015