Hollow Humor

An exhibition of some drawings, prints and painting that closely or loosely connect with Humor will open on Friday at Natalie Galustian Rare Books, 22 Cecil Court, London, WC2N 4HE. All work for sale to fund my out-of-control absinthe habit.

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18th November 2014

Cannabis Humor


18th November 2014

I’ve got a new website

You know this, because you’re looking at it. But practically everything that predates this version of my lurking presence on the internet can be found in the archive, although a few things might not work. Actually, a few things definitely won’t work, because they’ve been broken for ages.

I had an unpleasant moment wondering if it might look a bit fucking corporate or something, but I suppose I’ll get used to it. If anyone misses the old random messy stuff the old site is still there in the archive. And I’ll get round to putting loads of pictures in the ‘selected works’ bit some time soonish. Early days, innit.

6th November 2014

Zmas Boutique dot com

If you’re reading this, then my new webshop, www.zmasboutique.com, is live and awaiting your considered perusal. Featuring some new prints, some prints we found in hidden places following a studio renovation, and some other things, the zmas boutique will be open and taking orders until 17th December.  Orders will be taken after that date, but there will be no guarantee whatsoever that they’ll get to you before the 24th December…

Please note that the old shop is still accessible and open for business; its through the archive, just a couple of clicks or taps away.

6th November 2014

Humor at the Faber Social Pop-up Shop


Opening on 21st November: an exhibition of work associated with my book ‘Humor’ (there it is, in the middle, between Viv Albertine and Julian Cope!) at Natalie Galustian Rare Books, 22 Cecil Court, London, WC2N 4HE.

On view and for sale will be original drawings, paintings, letterpress prints and giclée prints.

The show will run until January 31st 2015.

6th November 2014